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Gili Hope is an uninhabited island where physical and digital worlds meet through art. 

In the digital age of intensely changing innovations, technologies and projects in virtual space, we are creating Gili Hope - an art island in Gili archipelago near Lombok, Indonesia, which will unite the physical and digital worlds through artworks by recognized contemporary artists.

Gili Hope is a portal between pure creativity from the metaverse and materialized art. Artists create new worlds existing by their own rules. Artworks in museums, galleries, or in our own collections are just artifacts dropped off by chance from the creator's universes into reality.

Gili Hope will become an island of hope for a positive future, in which the physical world coexists harmoniously with the metaverse, inextricably intertwining and supporting each other. As a result of such a connection, new creative projects will appear in the middle of two worlds — art that is combining the properties of both, which would be difficult to even imagine before.

The center of Gili Hope will be an art object by a world-famous artist, built with funds received from the sale of collaborative NFT collections. The owners of such NFTs will not only become co-owners of the art object, but will also get access to the unique Gili Hope community. Community members will receive special perks, including access to the island's annual Gili Festival with music and light shows.

The Gili Hope Metaverse extension – a digital copy of the island on a () engine – will become a platform for exhibiting digital art. Physical artworks, located on an island, will be “continued” in the Metaverse, becoming alive and getting special features. 

At the heart of Gili Hope is the idea of ​​art as a universal language accessible to everyone in the world, regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality and social status. We believe that art at the intersection of the tangible and the digital needs no further explanation when it speaks directly to our senses and imagination.

By creating unique objects based on technical innovations, the art of Gili Hope immerses the viewer in an extraordinary environment, gives them a new experience, and thereby involves them in the creation of the world around them.

The project also carries an environmental/social agenda, supporting the local community and climate change issues.

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