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Искусство gallery1

Secure collecting

We suggest a full range of art advisory services, including detailed market analysis, purchase recommendations, representation of our clients while acquiring and selling art pieces, as well as consultancy for non-profit organizations, private collectors and companies.


художественная выставка

Creating projects

Curatorial services include a development of unique art concept specially for your purpose and a careful selection of pieces and artists for both small and large scale special projects, brand collaborations and private home collections.


Картины в галерее

Bringing the value

Using our more than 10 years experience in art business we help to manage private and corporate collections to ensure the safety of art objects and increase their value. Additionally services include art exhibitions, events and masterclasses organizing.


Галерея Холл

Complex approach

As a professional art historian, Daria helps her clients to dive into the art world and improve their knowledge by guiding private museum and galleries tours and developing recommendations for every specific request.

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