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Daria Lomova is a highly experienced professional in the art world, with over 10 years of experience in organizing, managing, and promoting cultural projects. She began her career at major international art galleries and contemporary auction houses, such as Lumas gallery, Vladey, and Phillips, while studying the history of art at the prestigious Moscow State University in Russia.

After completing her studies, Daria worked as a PR specialist at the Tretyakov Gallery, the largest museum of Russian art, where she achieved great success in promoting international exhibitions. In 2021, she obtained a Master's degree in Art History and Art Market, and started providing independent art advisory services to international clients and projects.

Since October 2020, Daria has been based in Dubai, UAE, where she has been part of the team at Christie's auction house, gaining valuable experience in the Middle Eastern region. She has developed a strong network of specialists and clients in Dubai, working closely with Christie's, Foundry, Alsercal avenue, and other institutions. In addition, Daria has organized two digital art shows, featuring top international artists and creators, in October 2021 and March 2022, bringing their work to audiences in Dubai.

In August 2022 Daria has received the UAE Golden Visa as a Cultural Advisor. Daria is committed to continuing her work in the UAE, providing services as a cultural advisor and curator. She sees great potential in Dubai as an emerging center of arts and culture, and plans to leverage her extensive experience and knowledge to help shape its future.

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